Must know 4 top tips for renovating a bathroom

Must know 4 top tips for renovating a bathroom

Top tips for renovating a bathroom is a skill of putting some thought into what your family needs and plotting out the layout beforehand in an excellent way to ensure you get the bathroom you want. We cover some key elements with these top tips for renovating a bathroom:

Choose Function First

Whether you have a big or small space to work with, it’s really important to measure and plan out what you need and where to place it before you buy anything. Make sure there’s enough room for moving around, elbow and knee room for the toilet and for any doors or drawers to open fully. It can be helpful to sketch the layout on paper, so that you can see easily see where everything goes and if it works.

Decide on your functional items first. Do you prefer a bath or a shower, do you have space for both? If you have young children, a bath is perhaps a better option than a shower or look at an over-bath shower for when the kids get older.

Do you prefer a compact close coupled toilet with a slimline cistern, or a wall mounted toilet with a hidden cistern.


Think about what your family needs in a very practical way. A family bathroom needs lots of storage to keep it looking tidy. If you have a smaller space, then bathroom furniture that is multi-purpose like a vanity with built-in basin, or a mirrored cabinet can maximize the storage and functionality of your bathroom.

A storage cabinet, or floating shelves are a wonderful way to make use of the dead space in corners, above baths or behind toilets to store your toiletries and extra towels.


Once you decided on the larger bathroom items for your bathroom renovation, you can start including the finer details.

Plan out where to position the toilet roll holder, towel rails, shower caddy and other bathroom fittings so that they’re easily accessible to create a well-planned space that works well for your family. For a cohesive look, use bathroom fittings from the same range. The placement of assistive products like grab bars is also important to accommodate the needs of frail or handicapped family members.

Budgeting for success

Additional expenses you didn’t know about can make renovating very stressful.

Factor in the plumbing fittings needed to install your bath, basin, shower and toilet. Ask your plumber what they will supply and what you need to purchase before starting your renovation project.

It’s easy to get excited about the products and tiles you’ve chosen but you also need to remember to include installation essentials like waterproofing, tile adhesive, and grout in your budget.

Bathrooms are often the key selling point of a home, so renovating your bathroom is an investment in the value of your property. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home any time soon, you can enjoy your updated space with the peace of mind that you’ve spent your money wisely.

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