About Us

Pergas Company Limited is an international company registered in Kenya in 2016. Pergas supplies Tiles, Wrought Iron, Paints, and Tile installation materials. The Company consists of four tiles factories, one wrought iron, and one paint factory as a supplier. Due to a lack of high-end quality materials in the market and massive luxury villa construction, the company entered the market and introduced unique quality and affordable products. In conjunction with overseas producers, the company works tirelessly to create the best construction materials capable of meeting international standards.

Our Mission

Because there exists a high demand in the supply for ongoing projects of modern-level towers and villas and due to prevailing low-quality products in the market, Pergas Company has developed its mission as follows:

1. To sustain our main features of products which are uniqueness and quality, and to present the best up-to-date and world-trend products for those who look for a high level of lifestyle.


2. To extend our portfolio to more essential items in the construction sector especially products that are not produced locally.

We are Your Trusted Supplier of Tiles
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Like Tiles and Wrought Iron, the company also supplies high-quality and durable paints. Pergas Company is an authorized agent of Jotun Company, a European brand, which is one of the greatest producers of paint in the world. These paints are washable and water-based (odorless). We have an immense range of exterior and interior colors with different surface structures.

Paint quality
wrought iron


Considering the lack of beauty and designs in iron works in the market, the Company has introduced new concepts in designing iron (security iron fences, window grills, stairs) to change iron to masterpieces, and for the first time, we imported decorative wrought iron. We have plenty in stock of wrought iron stairs, decorative window frames, gates, and decorative iron parts. To cover the more client-style company imports iron in parts and offers fully customized designs. Currently, the Company supplies many welder shops as well as villas and mansions in Kenya


Most prevailing produced locally tiles are ceramics and small in sizes. To maintain a level of international standards, Pergas Company concentrates on middle and large sizes and mostly porcelain quality. We present a complete collection of wall and floor tiles that bring a sense of uniqueness and luxury to houses. Besides huge stock in Nairobi (more than 80,000 sqm), the Company supplies mega projects by direct consignment from the affiliated producer.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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