Code: 505, special small iron peacock,Size 42CmX102Cm

KSh 3,150.00

Special small iron peacock sign.

A small iron peacock sign can make a beautiful and elegant addition to the top of a gate. The intricate detailing of the peacock’s feathers and body can add a touch of class and sophistication to any entrance.

Iron is a durable and sturdy material, making it perfect for outdoor use. It is also highly malleable, allowing for intricate designs to be created with ease. The small size of the peacock sign makes it easy to install on top of any gate, and its weight ensures that it will stay in place even during strong winds.

The peacock itself is a symbol of beauty and elegance, known for its vibrant colors and majestic presence. By incorporating this symbol into your gate decoration, you can add a touch of regal flair to your home’s exterior.

To ensure that your iron peacock sign remains in good condition, it is important to properly maintain it. This may include regular cleaning to remove any dirt or debris, as well as occasional touch-ups to prevent rusting or other damage.

In conclusion, a small iron peacock sign can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their gate decoration. With its durable construction, intricate design, and regal symbolism, it is sure to impress visitors and passersby alike.

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Dimensions 42.0 × 102.0 cm