Code : 1402,Arabic pattern iron Size 40Cm X 160Cm

KSh 8,880.00

Arabic pattern wrought iron design

Arabic patterns have been used in iron design for centuries, creating stunning and intricate works of art. Arabic patterns in iron design can be found in a wide range of applications, from decorative doors and windows to ornamental fences and gates.

One of the most distinctive features of Arabic patterns in iron design is the use of geometric shapes, which are arranged in intricate and symmetrical designs. These designs often incorporate stars, squares, hexagons, and other geometric shapes, which are repeated to create complex patterns.

In addition to geometric shapes, Arabic patterns in iron design often incorporate arabesques, which are intricate and flowing lines and curves. Arabesques are inspired by natural forms, such as leaves and flowers, and are often stylized and abstracted in Arabic ironwork.

One of the key techniques used in Arabic ironwork is the process of hammering and shaping the iron by hand. This allows the artist to create intricate and detailed designs that are not possible with mass-produced metalwork.

Another technique used in Arabic iron design is the use of negative space, which creates an interplay between light and shadow. By carefully shaping the iron and creating voids within the design, the artist can create beautiful patterns that cast intricate shadows.

Arabic patterns in iron design are often used in architecture, particularly in the design of decorative doors and windows. These designs can be found in traditional buildings throughout the Arab world, and are prized for their beauty and intricacy.

Overall, Arabic patterns in iron design are a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the artists who create them. They are a beautiful and enduring form of art that continues to inspire and captivate people around the world.

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Dimensions 40.0 × 160.0 cm