5 Things to consider before buying wrought iron for a project.

5 Things to consider before buying wrought iron for a project.

Wrought iron brings to your projects (Residentials / Commercials) a very unique sense of quality that show case itself for both exterior and interior designs.

The shape, style, touch of art and beauty that wrought Iron products brings to your space will make your project have a unique and luxury taste. Below are the 5 things to consider before buying wrought iron for your projects:

1. Maintenance

Wrought iron does not require maintenance from time to time. What you’ll need to do is a little bit of cleaning. wrought Iron products e.g. Gates, fences, balconies, staircases etc. do not form rust hence easy to clean and maintain. They are strong with minimum breakages. Wrought Iron is the way to go since they last for a very long period of time with minimal maintenance and rust resistance.

Wrought iron outdoor balcony & staircase; blends well with the landscape.

2. Materials Used

Before purchasing any wrought iron works always ensure that the materials used in making them match what you exactly need. Our wrought Iron products are made with the latest technology and craftmanship from Our major factory in the Middle East with over 100 years’ experience.

Our wrought iron products blend well with the locally available iron rods for welding and iron tubes too to bring your projects to life. This property enables it to be locally friendly and pocket friendly to compliment a project.

Balcony design

3. Decorative Touches

Wrought iron works portrays a touch of art, which in turn portrays a sense of décor to your spaces. At Pergas we have a variety of Wrought Iron decorative parts that you can use to creatively build a unique project. From ancient to classical parts eg. horse flower parts for staircases, peacock gate decorative parts, flower balcony parts and many more. Look unique, shop at pergas.

4. Paint Color

 Painting the wrought iron is the fix that will help these beautiful items last for many more years to come. Different paints bring out different results depending on your theme of color. Adding a coat of painting to your wrought iron not only brings beauty and elegance but also prevents rusting.

5. security

With the strong alloys used to make Wrought iron, this not only makes it rust resistant but also makes it stronger and durable for years. Our creatively crafted gates serve both the security function and also the home beautification purpose to your guest. the gate is the entrance to your home, and it should be as inviting as possible in order for the visitor to be interested more in the Architecture of your spaces.

 At Pergas We have a variety of unique Wrought Iron products that can give your projects the most outstanding look. Check out Our wrought iron page to see how you can blend with them: Tiles – Tiles & Wrought Iron (pergasgroup.com). Do follow Our social media handles for up-to-date contents: Pergas Group | Nairobi | Facebook | PERGAS GROUP (@pergasgroup) • Instagram photos and videos | (1) Pergas Group: Posts | LinkedIn | Profile / Twitter